How Much Money Can You Save On Ping Call’s Pay Per Call Publisher Network?

Pay Per Call is all about customer relations over the phone. Our potential new clients are able to generate phone calls and sell ads, but they’re looking for publishers to get their message out. Ping Call connects these advertisers with other parties who generate business by getting people on the phone, such as attorneys.

Would Getting More Prospective Clients On The Phone Help Your Business?

People at an attorney’s office or law firm who are looking to generate more incoming calls may reach out and allow dedicated professionals to link up with the right people who can get people on the phone with your business. This means direct contact with interested parties. It’s more efficient advertising because the people who are actually interested will know how to reach out.

There is little to no cost to get going: Our expert use of the managed client center allows multiple ad campaigns to run with zero financial risk to initiate new ad campaign projects.

With the pay per call publisher network, people are easily connected over the phone which has been shown to increase engagement with the business including higher sales and repeated customers. In these days of text messaging, it’s becoming more rare to just speak with somebody on the phone – customers will subconsciously recognize this and there will be more space for relationship-building from buyer to seller, with everyone more satisfied in result.

How To Save Money With Pay Per Call

A client of Ping Call will save money by having more effective advertisements reach more accurately targeted audiences which means less expense overall on ad budget. The client only pays when a call is made. We acquire organic lead generation, and each contact will have a higher likelihood of sales conversion as compared with text-only data.

To think about how much you should spend, let’s assume you make $2,000 per sale, and let’s say you think $500 is worth it to bring in that customer.

Next, think about your bid for each call. This will help you figure out the number of calls needed to make a sale. So, if you acquire a new customer every five calls, you’ll have a 20% conversion rate. A rate of $500 per sale with five calls per customer sets your budget at $100 per call.

Our skilled research and analytics earn you a higher income by developing compassionate customer connections with precisely the right people who will be genuinely interested in your product or services. Ping Call’s pay per call advertising network will allow your company to achieve the most optimal efficiency of your marketing budget.

Get in touch and start learning about a greater world of satisfaction for buyer and seller. Ping Call’s masterful management will guide your business to higher earnings and deeper customer relationships