Pay Per Call Leads Bury Lead Lists

One major problem with Lead Lists is that they’re perceived to be a necessity by marketers, but nothing to be further from the truth.

Here’s the problem with lead lists, there is absolutely no guarantee the length those leads will show, let alone keep interest in products or services offered. Not to mention, majority of lead lists, have a habit of being recycled contacts from previous lists. In other words, you’re gambling on contacts that may not have even been relevant to your business in the first place! Imagine cycling through a number of calls and generating little to absolutely no leads. When you buy outbound leads, you are in fact, calling ALL of them. There is no way to know who is relevant to your business until you hear it from the person on the other end. The amount of workers needed to make the calls versus the turnaround on the leads, plus the money spent to buy them? Seems like more of an expense than a return.

At the end of the day, lead lists are an outdated resource, I mean, there is a famous movie that pointed out the inferiority of lead lists even when they were relevant (Glengarry Glen Ross). Look at it like this, for leads being dialed daily, a 50% rate of connectivity is considered good. On the other hand, pay per call leads, tend to generate connectivity upwards of 99%. The reason for this is that you are targeting buyers that are motivated from the get go, as opposed to cold calling. Hundreds of calls made per day, to hopefully have half pick up, and then have to keep their interest and bring them in to your business. Imagine the amount of time you save not having to sit their and catch someone on the phone, hook the caller, reel them in, and hopefully keep them in the end. You’re fishing for a narrow possibility with a lead list, when the pay per call market has them filleted and ready to go!

What is a pay per call lead? It’s an advertising model in which rates paid by the advertiser is determined by the number of phone calls made by the viewers of an ad. In other words, the only money spent by an advertiser for their product and/or service, is based on incoming calls made by people who are already interested! A product is put on the market and targeted to an audience, will in turn, generate higher pay outs with less costs due to the calls coming in.

What’s the down side to this? Well, you would need to know your target audience in order to generate higher numbers. But that’s where an affiliate market like Ping Call comes in. By matching products and services with the right target audiences, advertisers spend the least amount of money on leads, but pull in a higher number. As opposed to outsourcing a company to cold call. In comparison to Lead Lists, you would need to make the calls yourself, or outsource the work to an affiliate network anyway, might as well pay for the results, rather than the attempt.