Three Best Features of Pay Per Call Publisher Networking

Get people on the phone and help out both buyer and seller. Establish a real human connection between advertisers and publishers on a specialized pay per call publisher network. Ping Call’s performance-based platform allows for optimal results in your marketing efforts. The pay per call publisher network makes it simple to unite prospective buyers and sellers, creating value for all.

3) Higher Conversion Rates With Real Voice Connections

Pay Per Call’s best feature it’s proven method for building your customer engagement and sales. There is a higher conversion rate and an increased consumer intention to make a purchase. Call-data is simply better then click-data. The likelihood of dealing with bad actors is significantly reduced because a customer is actually speaking on the phone and the possibility for fraud is reduced as compared with data or text-information only.

2) Experienced Managers Overseeing Projects in Real Time

Pay per call network managers will help you define who and what you’re looking for by focusing on relevant key terms in a chosen geographic area. Your ad is skillfully crafted and includes your company name, address, as well as a toll-free telephone number which will redirect to your phone number.

1) Stronger Relationships and Higher Earnings

Seal in sales conversion with detailed voice contact. Speaking on the phone is becoming surprisingly rarer in a world of text messaging. A network that utilizes organic lead generation establishes better human connections from buyer to seller, streamlining the process and just making everyone’s day go that much better.

Reach out to Ping Call to initiate a greater transactional fluidity in your business. Interactive advertising is the here and now of mobile marketing. Allowing real people to talk on the phone is one of the best ways to create stronger relationships with your customers.